Adorno, The form of the Phonographic Record.

Time-binding – changing sounding flow into object.

‘The Intractable Recording’

playback > > Thomas Edison “Mary had a Little Lamb” (19xx)

‘The Veridical’ – ‘an empirical document outside of reality, with an aura of truth’. We read this to be true though this may not be the case.

playback > > Chris Watson “Ol-Olool-Ol” (2003)

‘Voice and Verity’ – transparency and opaqueness.

playback > > John Cousins “Sleep Exposure” (1979)

The Edison track erroneously plays.

‘Authenticity and the Real’ – ethnographic truths. It is not possible to record folk songs on paper”

playback > > Berio “Naturale” (1985)

‘The Analytical Recording’ – records are photographs of their owners.

‘The Spectral Recording’

‘Spectres & Affect’

‘Coda’ – ‘sonaisance’