Spectral Traces

Categories: assemblage, compositions, digital media, field recording, music, nantes, opensound, practice, sound, sound art, sound design, soundscape

Released 2014: Fibrr Records, Nantes, France Opensound CD (Fibrr Records)
Also tracks by Apo33, Audiolab, Granular, NK, Piksel and Wajid Yaseen (Modus Arts, Uniform, Scrapclub)

Dredspace #1: Blood & Fire

Categories: artworks, econo, environments, immersion, lo-fi, london, objects, sculpture, sensory, sound art, sound installations

Local Anaesthesia Exhibition
27-29th May 2011. Bond House. New Cross, London.
“What moves as a body, returns as a movement of thought.”
“A process set up anywhere, reverberates everywhere.”
“Concepts must be experienced. They are lived.” (Erin Manning and Brian Massumi)
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Goodman, S (2010) Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear. MIT
Manning. E (2009) Relationscapes: Movement, Art, […]