Empire Hotel Radio Scan

I had arrived a day early for the Art of Immersive Soundscapes Forum. 8 hours by Greyhound from Winnipeg airport across flat rolling endless prairie. The Empire Hotel. The cheapest place in town. Next door to the liquor store. The room was $25 a night. It hadn’t been changed in 25 years. Everything run down, and battered. A Friday night. Alone in the prairies. I locked myself into my room. I scanned the FM radio frequency to search for company.

Fuzz Fm Internet Radio

A weekly 2 hour show of experimental sound.

Year: 2001-2004
Location: Edmonton, North London, England
Worktype:  Radio Show
Materials:  Vinyl, tape, CD, minidisc, mixer, effects, voice
Info: Fuzz Fm Community Internet Radio Station (Managed by Harry Holmes)