The Elementals

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Year: 2005
Location: Arnos Grove, London.England
Worktype: Community and Schools Sound / Recyling Project
Materials: junk drum percussion, pot drums, shakers, flutes, voices, costume, sculptures, song, children, parent, staff and locals.
Work Details
Commissioned by Enfield Arts Unit, Enfield Council, North London. A week-long series of workshops in three different primary schools. Working with sculptors and costume designers, a […]


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Year: 2005
Location: Shoeneweider, Berlin, Germany
Worktype: Electronic Improvisation / Sound Installation
Info: Collaboration with kawaii, Julian Ronsfeldt and Leo Konigsberg.
KVO – Ascent to Pi
KVO – As Industrial Cold is Distant Female
KVO – House Becomes Island
KVO – Sticking Plastic to Finger


Categories: artworks, berlin, digital media, econo, europe, film, germany, locations, moving image, multimedia, practice, video, visual

Year: 2003
Location: Germany
Worktype: Sound Installation / Performance
Materials: Mobile Webcam, space, location, found objects and people
Info: Factory Berlin
Between 2002-2004 I made a series of visits to an artist-run space in the old industrial area of Schöneweide, East Berlin where I presented a number of sound installations and performances. This short film documents some of the […]