Interview in “Learning to Listen” Sound Art Documentary

Categories: digital media, film, london, social, sound art

A Film by Dan Linn-Pearl, Marianna Roe & Andi Spowart
“Learning to Listen is a documentary film crossing the dividing lines of experimental music and Sound Art. It is a series of accounts from established artists discussing their work in relation to shifting movements in creative thought and process. The sonic sense is explored through performance, […]

Spectral Traces

Categories: assemblage, compositions, digital media, field recording, music, nantes, opensound, practice, sound, sound art, sound design, soundscape

Released 2014: Fibrr Records, Nantes, France Opensound CD (Fibrr Records)
Also tracks by Apo33, Audiolab, Granular, NK, Piksel and Wajid Yaseen (Modus Arts, Uniform, Scrapclub)

Meditatio Sonus (Sonic Mediation): Sound Performance

Categories: compositions, immersion, mexico, sensory, site, social, sound, sound art

Audiorama del Bosque de Chapultepac.
November 4th 2012
The opportunity to present a sound performance in this unique location intersects with a growing area of interest for the artist – namely that of archaeoacoustics – the positioning and understanding of sound in ancient societies. This area of research is emerging and much work remains speculative, however there […]

Sound Performance: with Ahad’s Master’s Garden

Categories: assemblage, cologne, compositions, events, germany, groups, improvisation, KHM, live processing, moving image, multimedia, performance, Skødt, sound art, technology, video, vvvv

11th September 2012: Die Alter Feurwache, Cologne
12th September 2012: Scheune Schall, Stommeln
Custom electronics,, live video (vvvv).
With Zsolt Sörés, Christian Skjødt and Andrea Pensado.
Curated by Georg Dietzler.
Raumklänge – visual notations – musik intermedial – No 1
Ahad`s Masters Garden | Musik für’s Deutsche Haus
Animationsfilm und live-elektronische Musik mit selbstgebauten Instrumenten
Zsolt Sörés I Budapest | HU
Christian Skjødt | […]