Millenial popmusic we thought.

Choka Honey Calamo (discordia)

run down the calamari / gun down the minibar
suck up an H of honey / fuck up and burn your money
your ink is disingenous / you’re pierced by the tower of genepool
calaboosh you cannot partir / she had no part of me

cephalopod intimation / puff clouds in the nation of
this is disinformation / bang the squares bash the squares
summer school confutatis / inkcloud rorschach you’re no artist
your puff it has no function / encased as you are in galveston

swing down on candelabra / tell the cloud that you can see her there
ink up your brand new print-press / take a breath, touch her breast, her fin
and she looks so funny / said arms, lines of honey-milk
impress no magazine-mould / magnetic, she has been sold out

the prioress asks of dias / if his trips could ever free us
baby calamo goes to ask him / if he ever knew the captain
set sail for africa / blown off course, of course, it’s par for
hold her tongue in vice for hours / stop flow … we should go and shower

get right back to the calamaro / years later at the alamo
check your body’s re-volution / check yr think of evolution
ingenue – she wished she flew / dias’ dearest wish to find her
kick about and blow out umbra / when he comes there … discordia.

Peter Lowis – bottom ended
Ross Diamond – production
Jason Gleeson – jazzmstr co-director
J Milo Taylor – mosrite co-director

Sad it had to end – cut my teeth here – paid some dues – made some musicksound – made some great friends

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