The Blurred Compilation Album (Track 3): Reception Area / Café, MacRobert Building. Uni. of Aberdeen

Reception Area / Café, MacRobert Building. Uni. of Aberdeen


Skraa. Of chair being dragged across tiled floor.

Background chat of students in café area.

Giggles, laughter.
Very very quiet air-conditioning.
Toddler’s voice.

The space is reverberant, sound waves slightly softened by the red carpet in a visitors’ area to one side of the main space.


Rustle / rustlessss / rustle The receptionist opens a carrier bag.

The architecture is a similar piece of anonymous post-modern construction as the airport. It could be a hotel, a doctor’s surgery, a hospital, leisure centre.

Easily seen as a generic non-place.

The 2 second reverb is quiet pleasant.

Female voice to left, “Do you know where 87 is?” (Scottish accent).

Single short whistle from people leaving the building.


In walking around the city centre today, these was little to identify the place as sounding distinct from any other modern British high street. The same shops, the same cars, the same mobile phones. There is a significant number of non-Scots in the city, probably due to the important oil business (Aberdeen – the energy centre of Europe on various signs on the road from the airport to the city centre).

Two events altered me to the difference. The first, a single seagull cry from above Union Street. No sign of the bird itself. The second event, repeated in two different occasions were minor difficulties in understanding and being understood in speech transactions. Questions and responses had to be repeated on both occasions.

A heating unit above the entrance turns on blowing dry hot air across the room. There are some loose screws that are being vibrated by this.

I am going to explore the building. There are a number of installations in the south wing of the ground floor.

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